Buying a Quilt

Amy a la Mode's Improvisational, Couture Greek To Me Quilt

Quilting Options

Quilting is the stitching that holds the front, back, and filling of the quilt together; it's the stitching that you can see. Amy a la Mode quilts are quilted one of two ways:

  • Amish Hand Quilting — Hand quilting by Amish women using traditional quilting techniques is a beautiful way to finish a quilt. Hand quilting lends your quilt an heirloom quality and coziness that can not be achieved with machine quilting.
  • Professional Machine Quilting — Machine quilting with a modern long-arm quilting machine is a durable and high-quality alternative to hand quilting. Machine quilting requires less time than hand quilting to complete and is typically less expensive.

Amy and the Amy a la Mode's Improvisational, Couture Not So Straight and Narrow Quilt

Pricing Info

Pricing for quilts does not include applicable taxes, shipping, and optional shipping insurance.

Quilt sizes vary slightly depending on the design. Sizes and prices for each quilt can be found by consulting the individual quilt listings.

Ordering Process

To order a quilt, contact us via e-mail at

Swatch Service: If you would like to verify colors before ordering a quilt, a swatch service is available.

Payment: Payment in full, including taxes and shipping, is due at the time of purchase, before the quilt ships from the Amy a la Mode studio. Payments may be made via check or credit card.

Shipping: Quilts are shipped via UPS. Insurance is available for an additional fee and is recommended. Shipping charges are paid by the customer and included in the final bill. Please notify us if you prefer an alternate method of shipment.

International Orders: International orders are accepted. Payment for international orders is accepted only via credit card. Please remember that there is always a potential delay during shipping for international orders as your quilt clears your country's customs.

Amy a la Mode's Improvisational, Couture Not So Straight and Narrow Quilt

Return Policy

Amy a la Mode couture quilts are not returnabled. All sales are final.

It is possible to see quilts in person if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area. See the Contact Information for details.

If you live outside the San Francisco Bay Area and are concerned about color matching, we recommend our swatch service to assist you with color selection before you place your order.

Quilt Care

Amy a la Mode quilts are made by hand and designed to be used on your beds. However, like any textile, they are susceptible to wear and fading if not treated kindly. Treat your Amy a la Mode quilt as you would any treasured textile. Please avoid direct sunlight, as this may fade colors over time. Do not store quilts in plastic bags.

Air out quilts to freshen them up between cleanings. For light cleaning of surface dirt, vacuuming may be sufficient. Washing should be kept to a minimum, as it has the potential to increase wear of the fibers. If your quilt requires washing, we recommend that you wash it in cold water with a gentle fragrance-free and dye-free quilt soap, either by hand or in the gentle cycle of a washing machine. Only gentle agitation should be used. Be sure the quilt is rinsed well. Handle wet quilts carefully when lifting from tub or washer, since wet fibers are more vulnerable to stress.

Dry briefly on a low setting in your dryer, and then lie flat on towels to complete drying. A fan may be helpful for circulating air and speeding drying. Do not hang or wring wet quilts. Amy a la Mode quilts are constructed with pre-washed fabrics, but fading or bleeding could still occur during washing.

Dry cleaning is not recommended.

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